Pet Boarding & Doggy Day Care

We’re proud to offer boarding services at our Luling clinic. Not only do these services make life easier for pet parents, but it can be fun for pets too!


While you’re away, your pet can play!

Enjoy your time out of town by boarding your pet at Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic of Luling. Our facilities include clean, climate-controlled lodging, an on-site veterinarian for examinations, vaccinations, illness, or emergencies, and more.

When your pet boards at Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic in Luling, they’ll have access to:

  • On-site veterinarian. Available 6 days per week or as needed for emergencies.
  • Flea-free facilities. All pets are given a dose of Capstar flea prevention upon check-in to keep itchy fleas away from our guests.
  • Outdoor exercise sessions. Your pet will be treated to three daily opportunities to go outside for a walk in the fresh air.
  • Private accommodations. Clean lodging provides much-deserved R&R time for your pet.
  • Medical boarding. If your pet is on a medication schedule, our team at Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic will administer medication while you’re away.


Add some extra TLC to your pet’s stay with:

  • Nail trims. Keep your pet’s nails smooth and free of painful snags.
  • Baths. Washed, scrubbed, and refreshed!


Help your restless or anxious pet unwind through our pet daycare.

If you’re working full-time, your pet may cause full-time trouble. Protect your pet and household through pet daycare at Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic at Luling. We will keep your pet safe, entertained, and supervised while you’re out for the day—and your pet will make friends, too!

Amenities at Our Pet Boarding Facility

To give your pet a comfortable, stable routine while they board, we provide the following:

Fresh water, switched regularly

Clean and comfy bedding

Outdoor, leashed walks

Grooming upon request

Medication administration

Palatable and nutritious food

Health Requirements for Boarding

Vaccinations. For the safety of your pet and others, all animals must be up-to-date on vaccinations to board at Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic. If this is your first time visiting our clinic, please bring your pet’s vaccinations with you when checking in so we can administer any missing or outdated vaccinations.

Flea control. To prevent flea infestations in our facilities and your home, all pet guests receive an oral flea control product on the first and last days of their visits.

Personal Items Policy

We encourage you to allow us to provide the supplies your pet will need during their stay with us. Your pet will be given bedding, food, and bowls. Should you choose to bring some of your pet's belongings, please know that there is a risk of it being lost, soiled, or damaged. Chisholm Trail Veterinary Clinic assumes no responsibility for damaged or lost property.

Food and Medications

When you pack up your pet’s food and (if needed) medications, please make sure that the food is tightly sealed and medications come in their original containers. All containers must be labels with your name and your pet’s name.

Dog in Waiting Room

Schedule pet boarding for your next trip today by calling 830-875-2456 or by filling in the form below.